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India - A Feast for the Senses
21st February 2018

India - A Feast for the Senses

India is a country you’ll never forget. Once you step out of the airport and hear the distant echo of beeping rickshaws and bustling cities, the country begins to take its hold on you. Despite its reputation of being a dangerous, dirty country,...

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About Us

Welcome to Adventurelogue, home of the Adventurelogue travel diary - the travel diary with a soul.

We consider travelling a competitive sport and our home serves as homage to the many places we have seen, with book shelves lined with travel guides (real ones with pages), diaries and trinkets. 

What we do know is we have been incredibly lucky to see as much as we have and the more we see the more aware we become of the unique needs and diverse challenges of different places. Adventurelogue was a way to combine the love of travel with a means to give back to the communities and destinations that make traveling so addictive for us.

The range of travel diaries / travel journals is collectible with different designs for different parts of the world that can be built up as your travels take you to new places. The diary is designed to be blank so you have the freedom to capture your thoughts and memories through pictures, words, photos, ticket stubs, menus or anything else that helps you keep your travels as vivid as possible. The map on the inside can be used to plot where you have been or plan your next stop.

While much of the joy of traveling is capturing the moments and reminiscing with fellow travellers, Adventurelogue is routed in helping to preserve the areas we visit for the future. We hand picked nine charities that we are passionate about and for each diary there is a £1 donation that goes directly to the charity associated with that diary. Our goal is to change and save the world one diary sale at a time!

We will continue to share advice, destination inspirations and quotations on our social channels as we see more of the world and we hope our diaries will help you stay inspired. The Adventurelogue diary is the perfect gift for travellers or GAP years and ultimately the perfect companion for those who seek to go where wi-fi doesn't.

Happy travels!!